“There is a lot of sea out there…” Indeed there is. Nearly 3/4th’s of the earth’s surface is made up of seawater. How much do you really know about what’s beneath the surface? How much do you want to know? Author Andrew Caine takes us beneath that surface to explore life in the oceans—in every-day language. Marine Biology for the Non-Biologist is an informative and inspiring stroll through the science of the sea.

“I am extremely impressed, it is written in an easy to understand fashion, with good humour in parts which gives the reader a sense of enthusiasm and knowledge. It is extremely interesting and informative and a must for any students wishing to take a career in marine biology, or for anyone wishing to know more about the sea. Very enjoyable read!” —Esther Bradbury

Whether your interest comes from conservation, education, travel and adventure, diving, sustainable fishing practice or just an eagerness to explore the world around us—your knowledge will travel to new depths through this read. Caine cultivates curiosity, encouraging an appreciation, understanding and respect for aquatic life in a light-hearted, down-to-earth way. Informative enough to learn from and yet light enough to be your e-reader travel pick. Explore, understand and appreciate the seas with Andrew Caine. Purchase Marine Biology for the Non-Biologist today! Marine Biology for the Non-Biologist is currently available exclusively through Amazon at a special introductory price:

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